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01 Apr

Winter training

Yes he is back. Our favourite tutor Simon Phillips has been to town delivering refresher training to our operatives. This winter the topics have included the safe use of wood chippers and ride-on mowers . Stuart Fry from T H White was also on hand to deliver more "product specific "advice for the new Ransome cylinder machine we have added to our fleet . We have also been investing in our workforce for chainsaw related works and now have 5 fully equipped and trained members of staff so we felt some wood chipper refresher training was in order.

As ever Simon kept the days entertaining as well as informative but I did think that the magic trick section was a little overboard. We really didn't need Rachel from the office cut in half so I insisted that he focused on the work related aspects of the day.

After a prolonged and intense stare into my eyes he agreed. The trouble was for the rest of the day every time he whistled I begged like a dog. Tongue out and panting

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