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05 May

Avon Fire & Duck Rescue

Pictured is a smashing pond at a site in Portishead that is maintained by Landscape Services (SW) Ltd. Earlier this year the pond was drained so that maintenance work could be undertaken. "What the problem?" I hear you say. Well as with many sites nowadays there was no outside source of water and the pond fills naturally with rain water. It acts as a balancing pond. Therefore the recent prolonged dry spell meant that the thing just would not fill back up. Then to make matters worse Mr and Mrs Duck arrived as usual for the spring "duckling" season and proceeded to lay their eggs. Now I don't claim to be an authority on ducks but I do know that they definitely operate best on water. Anyway to cut a very long story short our friends at Avon Fire & Rescue saved the day. Sometimes people are just made for a job and if its water and long, very big, hosepipes your after there's only one place to go.

As you can see the eggs have hatched and Mr and Mrs D were last seen proudly at sea with their new family.

A big thank you to Portisheads Firemnen (and ladies)

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