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12 Feb

Attenuation pond maintenance

Landscape Services(SW) Ltd have seen a great increase in the amount of attenuation ponds on sites that they maintain. These ponds are installed during the early stages of new developments and are designed to contain and manage storm water produced during exceptional weather. They are a vital part of flood prevention measures and need to be operational at all times. From the condition of many of the ponds we have encountered it is clear that people are not aware of how important they are. They are often clogged with vegetation meaning that they would not operate as intended.

With this in mind landscape services (SW) ltd have introduced a new service to help. This includes a regime of inspections, maintenance and clearing works which if carried out will ensure that a pond is fully operational at all times.

This would be a "one stop shop" service that would give clients and their employers the peace of mind that their ponds will not cause problems due to flooding further afield.

If you would like information on this service then please drop us a line via our contacts page. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Tel: 01275 859 525