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22 Sep

Covid - 19 Update

COVID 2020

As autumn approaches and the nights draw in we can look back at the most difficult Spring and Summer our company has ever experienced.

Lock down, furlough, lone working , home working you name it we have worked through it.

We had to take the tough decision to reduce our workload ceasing work for clients that have not been the best customers in the past and concentrating on our core customers who we have worked with for many years.

This combined with the dedication and hard work of our staff and the co operation of our clients has enabled us to continue to provide services.

We had to furlough staff who could not drive and hire vans so that everyone who could drive had their own vehicle. We also ceased the normal hiring of seasonal staff. All this meant that we had 23 vehicles on the road but only 23 working members of staff.

As lock down eased we gradually started to increase crews to two and to bring back the furloughed staff and seasonal workers until we were nearly back to full strength. However we have been understaffed for much of the season and everyone has worked extremely hard to cope with increased workloads.

Now looking ahead it is clear that conditions are not going to return to normal for a long while and most likely things are going to get worse before they get better

We will continue to adapt our work place to ensure our staff are as safe as possible and we can to provide reliable services for our customers

We would like to say a big thank you to our staff and clients for their flexibility, understanding and above all hard work through the past six months

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