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16 Dec

Christmas Do!

That's another year survived. Everyone given Friday off on condition they come for lunch and I am pleased to report a full turn out. Bellies full we all headed for Wetherspoons on The Waterfront AKA Lloyds Bar. I love this place because its like travelling through time. The prices are from the 1980's and so was the dancing (a few grey/ bald heads showing the young ones how to move). That was until the the batteries ran dry at around 6.00 PM. This is when the oldies (all except Jason "The Duracell Kid" last seen at 2.00 AM at Ramshackles) headed into the night to leave the youngsters to it. To be honest it was a great day and a good way to get together outside of the normal working environment.

Pictured is a rare photo of everyone together. (bar Rik the photographer) . Not pictured is Ports who managed to miss the photo.

Roll on next year.

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